Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sea lion who?

The Riverbanks zoo finally announced what the new mystery exhibit will be...An Australian Walkabout!!! What???? Seriously, I didn't know you could even do that.

The kids were sad when the sea lion exhibit closed, but I'm pretty sure they'll get over it when they're hopping around with kangaroos and wallabies!

I never knew zoos did walk through encounters like this. But the timing couldn't be more perfect. Lost final season starts 2010 and the Australian Walkabout exhibit opens in 2010. I plan to fully maximize the Lost factor and can already imagine Jay rolling his eyes.

I know it isn't the real Australian Outback, but it will do. I also know that the walkabout Locke really was the island, but don't ruin this for me. I want my walkabout! At this point I don't know which end is up on Lost, the entire island could turn out to be just a speck sitting on Horton's clover. And in the final scene, Horton might wake up next to Bob Newhart and realize it was all just a dream.

Soooo... I'd be Horton?

Before we go to the zoo, I'll make sure to tell Jay or one of the kids "You know what you need? You need to go on a walkabout." And when leaving, I'll ask Jay "don't you feel like you went in thinking you were one thing, but came out another?" And he'll say "yeah man, I totally found out what I was made of."

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