Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Proofing 101

Stair gate closed? Check
Coffee table removed? Check
Table lamps and cords unreachable? Check
Outlets plugged? Check
Baby gate to laundry/garbage/cat food closed? Check
Bathroom door closed? Check
Kitchen cabinets/drawers latched? Check
Front and back doors locked? Check
Playroom gate closed? Check
All chokable big kid toys in playroom? Check

Perfect. Now…

Jack? Jack? Has anyone seen Jack?

Duh. I'm right here in the new, empty, non-baby proofed T.V. cabinet.

Now if you'll excuse me...

I'll be in my office if you need me.

Great. Those girls are screaming again. Does this thing come in sound proof?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Double Digits for Gator Grant!

Happy 10th Birthday Grant! Here is a little video of your cousins wishing you their best, with a cameo by Uncle Jay at the end...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dance and Gym Recital

Elizabeth's class (E is front left) making silly faces

Elizabeth getting ready for her tap performance

Amanda waiting for her performance on the uneven parallel bars

At the end, Jack was sooo over all of the twirling, screaming girls in tutus

Ballet Recital - Amanda

I have no idea what the dance was really intended to look like, but no way could it have been more adorable than this. The teacher was in front and they were (kind of sort of) looking to her for their sweet dance moves. Amanda is the second duck from the right...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day of School

Elizabeth and Amanda had their last day of school today. Elizabeth officially said goodbye to preschool with a class party, picnic, and lots of teary Moms and teachers.

No tears in Amanda's class since they are all returning in the fall. Amanda's class was introduced to the big kid playground and of course they all went nuts. Her last day was not exactly an "organized" party but see the picture.

I alternated visiting the two classes all day and truly realized what a difference two years makes. Whoah. It felt like the before and after of an episode of SuperNanny, except with way more potty accidents and aversions to tissues.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to get back to Disneyworld

The kids were up way too late tonight after their post fun day monster naps. So I let them watch Deal or No Deal with me and Howie made a woman eat 5 worms for an extra $10,000. I thought the girls were horrified and was about to pick out some books that would hopefully make bedtime less about icky bugs.

I could hear the girls talking while I was looking for books. I actually heard Elizabeth tell Amanda "I would eat worms to get money to go back to Disneyworld." I walked into the room and Amanda started yelling "Mommy, I gonna eat worms for Disneyworld!" Elizabeth was of course frustrated that Amanda got to me first, so she corrected her sister, "No, I'm gonna eat the worms to get the money for Disneyworld!"

And thus began a sisterly fight over who would be our worm-eating hero that enabled our return to Disneyworld.

I tried to explain T.V. game show vs. reality, and how no one actually gets paid to eat worms. Both girls agreed that they would come up with another plan.

Fun Day

The camera may have said it was January 1, 2007, but the kids knew better. Today was FUN DAY at preschool. We're talking three different bounce houses (one was a Disney princess castle, oh yeah!), relay races, make-your-own ice cream sundaes, face painting, simon says, and more.

My favorite part was watching each class get to squirt Mrs. Jackie, the school director, as a reward for reaching their mission project fundraising goal. Mrs. Jackie looked genuinely shocked that it took less than a few minutes for a group of 5 year olds to make her look like she had just fallen into a pool. The 3 year olds weren't as quick on the draw and spent most of their time trying to figure out how to hold the water bottle and squirt it at the same time.

At one point Amanda became disoriented and scared in the bounce house maze and decided that fun day was "not any fun at all." Then she found out that her class was next up for ice cream sundaes and the day turned into "the best day ever."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Pony Whisperers

Elizabeth and her cousin Blythe were escorted by their Dads to a wonderful "Pony Whisperer" class at the zoo on Saturday. They learned how to care for and feed the ponies, how to saddle a pony, and of course how to ride a pony. The girls loved it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amanda in the Middle

I'm intentionally starting this blog with Amanda first.

Amanda, the middle child.

Today she performed in her preschool musical presentation. She is the fourth Nicholson to attend this preschool, and this was the first time that she was the only Nicholson singing! It was a wonderful opportunity to see her shine, and she did a terrific job.

Tonight, Elizabeth will perform in the "big kid" show. But this morning, the big sister had to relinquish all control and simply watch the little sister. It was a new concept to both of them.

Of course, there was still proof of Amanda's sibling status. She was required to wear blue jeans and the only denim I could find was this skirt from Elizabeth's closet. Two sizes too big and it didn't fall down once...
Amanda, we are so proud of you!