Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Things To Do In An Empty Amphitheatre

1. Roll, run or tumble your way to the stage.

2. If your pants fall down and your bum is hanging out from running down the hill (Jack), pull your pants up! Blue comedy is too easy, you've gotta work for the laugh kid!

3. Dance, stomp, run, scream, sing, laugh - AMPLIFY!

4. Take a bow.
5. Hike your way back up the hill while basking in the applause (of your parents).

The Jealous Bear

We went back to the zoo with the whole family yesterday. This time, this bear would not be left out. He was ready for his close up and hamming it up. It was pretty cute.

So here you go jazz hands bear, your own post. Thanks for not jumping over and eating us!

Friday, September 3, 2010

To The Land Of Torsos!

Jack has started preschool, and I was surprisingly sad that he was my only preschooler this year. Then I remembered that this is the year (age 3-4) when kids remember to draw a torso in their portraits. Isn't that strange? I have no idea why that feels like such a big deal - but right now Jack is still drawing people with arms and legs coming straight out of their head. It's bizarre and adorable. But at some point this year, the light bulb will go off, and he will draw people with torsos. First a torso, then BLINK, he's off to college, then med school... Not yet little man, not yet! For now, I treasure each picture he makes of me, each just a big ol' head with arms and legs coming out of my eyes and ears.

Love you little guy, and I can't wait to see how much you grow - this year and beyond!

Rebels at the Zoo

I took two rebels to the zoo today: my camera and my preschooler. The camera behaved itself. The preschooler threw a book into the tiger exhibit. The tiger part was the end of the zoo trip, and I risked my life (really just a stick and my flip flop) to get the book out. Other than that, it was a perfect zoo day.

We went straight to the walkabout...

...where we were greeted by this wallaby who immediately gave us this "watch yourself" look. It worked! Jack stayed on the path with his hands to himself. The kangaroos were not nearly as social as the wallabies, they stayed far away from the path.

Some of our other great encounters: