Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today It's Fall

There is always one day that really feels like the first day of fall.
For me, today was the day.

The weather was perfect and the kids were pretty darn close! The whole day made me want to put on a cozy sweater and light a fire, but then I remembered it's only September and we live in South Carolina. It really isn't even brisk weather, there is just something about today that made it finally feel like fall. The leaves are green, people are still wearing shorts and flip flops, but today was definitely fall. I celebrated with lots of brown, orange and park green attire.

And the icing on the cake? We were actually able to have a meal, in a restaurant (gasp), without any temper tantrums. It was so enjoyable that for a moment I thought I had stepford children. The kids were eating their food (Elizabeth included), Jay was sipping an Oktoberfest brew, football was on every television in Red Robin (I didn't say it was a fancy restaurant). It was beyond enjoyable; even Jay commented "wow, if this keeps up, it could get expensive!"

Then something happened that made the day magical. Shortly after this picture was taken...

I got a little carried away and started using Amanda's balloon like a paddle ball, seeing how many times I could hold the string and punch the balloon with the same hand. I was too strong (and stupid) and the red balloon detached from the string and floated up, up, up and away.

There was screaming, Amanda was in tears, Jay gave me that look, and we all watched it go higher and higher.

BUT THEN, as we were watching, the red balloon deflated and came all the way BACK DOWN TO US. Seriously. It didn't even pop - it untied itself!!! It was bizarre. Even the balloon knew you don't mess with the first day that feels like fall.

Now I'm putting the kids to bed before they ruin everything!

(P.S. I only made it to five, but I was robbed because the balloon ran away)

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