Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Greek Festival seems to get bigger every year - it seemed huge this year! Everything was, of course, delicious. I think having three kids is quite helpful in this situation because you end up eating (and drinking) much less. With Jack sitting on my lap, bouncing to the music, only about 30% of my food actually reached my mouth, and the cookie line was not even an option. We ended up sweating more and eating less - pretty good deal.

When Elizabeth saw this picture she said "hey, that picture makes me look like I'm in Italy!"

First Ferris wheel ride ever. It was a mini Ferris wheel, but they didn't know that. Only Jack is visible in this picture, but all three were sitting together in this red car. Elizabeth kept yelling "Amanda, stop rocking it, we're gonna fall!" and Jack just couldn't stop smiling.

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