Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today Amanda used her own dollars to buy ice cream as a special treat for the family. Jack and I went along for the ride, but Amanda did everything herself. She found the ice cream in the store, decided which kind she wanted, picked out some ice cream cones, and carried the ice cream to the check out counter. (Jack carried the cones). She counted the dollars that she took from her own purse, gave them to the cashier, put her change and receipt into her purse, said thank you, and carried her bag to the car.

This is proud Amanda right after her big purchase. It was adorable to watch her confidence soar, but this picture kind of scares me. This is the exact face Uma Thurman usually had in Kill Bill right before she kry-ateed someone.

Amanda and Jack, enjoying the fruits of labor. Poor Sully!

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Rick said...

Great job - always use CASH :)