Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Ryder

This morning I took the kids to Toys-R-Us to look for a few beat-the-heat water toys. When will I learn??? Although the store is helpful enough to put all outdoor toys right up front, I caved and made the dreaded lap around the store. I had Jack in the stroller, so I had a false sense of security. Generally, my thought process is: I can chase two as long as the third is strapped in a stroller.

We made it 75% around the toy store lap. Then, somewhere near the transformers, Jack saw this:

It was so big, it didn't fit with the regular bikes and electric vehicle nonsense. It needed a huge amount of floor space, so it just sat out in the aisle and waited for Jack to notice. I think he may have flipped the stroller upside down, I don't remember. It was just a blur that reminded me of the few WWF shows I've watched (when they used to steal the SNL time slot). Jack turned into a monster. The girls liked it too, but Jack acted like he finally found himself.

The vehicle didn't work, so I let Jack have his fun for almost 10 minutes while the girls pounded on computers. He refused to get out, and had his first scary full blown tantrum when I finally pulled him out. He kicked and screamed and some man looking at robots(?) told me you can't take a boy away from his toys. Um...whatever you say robot dude.

Jack still hasn't forgiven me. I never saw a price tag or anything so I looked it up just for giggles when we got home and discovered it's $750!!!!!! Seriously? Wow.

So Jack, I know you really want the Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR with 24 volts, nitrile traction, MP3 input and roll cage, but come on kid... you'll shoot your eye out. Daddy will take you on a tractor ride this weekend and we'll pretend like this never even happened...


Rick said...

Hey, Jack - nice ride, dude!

George said...

MOP3 input? SeriouslY?