Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Mike, You're No Monkey

Yesterday a gorilla escaped while Elizabeth was at zoo camp and the zoo went into lock down mode. No one was seriously hurt, and Elizabeth was totally unaware of the escape. The zoo shuffled all of the kids inside where they waited for Big Mike to return to his enclosure. I still feel nauseous about the whole thing, especially the fact that I was unaware of it all until hours later.

But it made me start thinking...

A week ago Amanda and Jack started looking for monkeys in the wild. What exactly did they know? This picture was taken three weeks ago in the gorilla exhibit. Now, I'm not saying they have special powers or anything. But they are young, so wouldn't it be understandable that any special powers would be unpredictable at this stage, or that they might confuse a gorilla for a monkey? Okay, nevermind, that's crazy talk. I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for why, in the above picture, Jack was tapping this gorilla's head and saying "it shall be you."

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