Friday, June 26, 2009

Carolina Summer Morning

We recently hit the jackpot and were given some great hand-me-down wicker furniture with a bonus. As a 7th wedding anniversary gift, my parents let me (I mean us *wink*) pick out brand new cushions and set it all up with the store beforehand. I just walked into the store and picked out fabrics. After thirtycoughcough years, you would think my Mom would know me better! It felt incredible - like I was all alone in Publix without having to consider a Wal-mart budget. Dangerous. I'm not saying I'm an outdoor fabric snob, I'm just saying show me the Sunbrella.

So this morning, something wonderful happened. It was the first morning of Operation Porches Are For Grown-ups Too, and it was lovely. I generally let the kids watch cartoons in the morning until I can down a few caffeinated beverages and get my bearings. But this morning we went straight outside, and as I enjoyed my cup of tea, this is what I witnessed:

They can read!

They can write! (while wearing jewels!)

There can be peace without Blue's Clues. It's a miracle!!!!!!

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