Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking for Monkeys

While I was filling the car with gas today, Amanda and Jack played "let's see who can make Mommy lose her cool the fastest" and screamed "Mommy! Mama! Mooooooommy!" the entire time. As we drove away, I asked (in a very polite tone) "Can I please fill the car without you guys screaming like monkeys?" Jack's eyes got wide with excitement and he yelled "ah Monkey? Wheyyah? Wheyyah?" and this picture is what he looked like for the rest of the car ride.

As Jack frantically searched the passing trees for monkeys, Amanda would occasionally yell "there's one!" and Jack would respond "wheyyah?" They both seemed irritated when I told them there were no monkeys roaming around Lexington. Then we pulled up to Elizabeth's school and, in a rare occurence (a sure sign it is the last week of school), all of the kindergartners were on the playground at the same time. It was a loud, crazy, wild looking scene and I started laughing. Amanda and Jack didn't seem to notice the coincidence. We sat in the carpool line, 10 feet away from the playground, on the other side of a mental fence, watching a bunch of six-year-olds fly through the air. When we pulled away Jack said "ah monkey?" and Amanda said "over there!" and Jack said "wheyyah?" and Elizabeth said "I'm hungry and thirsty."

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