Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punk'd by a Doll?

The other day I read a story on WISTV about how some people were complaining about a talking doll. The doll giggles, coos, and says "Mama" but people were hearing the doll actually say "Islam is the light." It didn't show a picture of the doll, but I knew the girls both had talking dolls somewhere in the black hole we call a playroom. I didn't think much of it, and just figured it was crazy talk.

Today I came across one of the talking dolls and turned it on just for kicks. I must be crazy because it really does sound like it's saying "Islam is the light." In my excitement I woke Jay who is trying to reboot for a long night of work, but the doll clammed up and refused to speak. So I took this video. Listen to the last few seconds and decide for yourself.


Charlotte said...

That's pretty creepy.

Is the doll named Chucky, by any chance? Child's Play 12: Jihad is due out this fall, I think.

George said...

THAT IS SCARY! Do you still have that doll? Does it also kneel towards Mecca on a routine basis?

Jones Family said...

Crazy!!!! We don't have any talking dolls yet...and we don't want any now!

Alan said...

It clearly said, "Igloo is delight", an obvious reference to terrorist cells which have infiltrated Inuit tribes. Now that's creepy.