Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Heads

Just my cute and not at all freaky little pumpkin heads. From left to right: Elizabeth, Amanda, Jack and Moose. I saw the idea in a Family Fun magazine, but decided to use actual pictures and let the kids re-assemble their own faces. The cutting out my kid's eyes part was way creepier than I had anticipated. I plan to make Jay and Nikki pumpkin heads when I get more pumpkins. I'd love to call Jay right now and ask him to stop on his way home and pick out a couple of pumpkins that look like our heads. But he would be afraid it was a trap, and he would probably be right. Better for both of us that I pick out my own head.


George said...

I would suspect it as a trap too, and bring home a carrot for yours...just to be safe.

George said...

Blythe loves the Jack-o-lantern as well as the Elizabeth-o-lantern, the Mandy-o-lantern, and the Moose-o-lantern, but she thinks you need an Uncle Jay-o-lantern and Aunt Nikki-o-carrot.

The Nicholsons said...

So what are you saying, that I have a wide forehead and a pointy chin? Ha! See, there is no good answer for this situation. It all falls into the trap.