Friday, October 10, 2008

Gueth What?

Thath What!

The first tooth came out at school, just as she had hoped. When it happens at school, you get a special necklace that holds your tooth. Plus you get that special moment when the whole class goes "cooooooool, Elizabeth lost her tooth!" and you're the center of attention.

It all went down in music class while everyone was singing and dancing. Elizabeth's good buddy "Joe" somehow spun and hit her mouth with his hand, causing her tooth to fly out. There was blood, they had to stop the music and look for the tooth. Apparently Joe's hand was also cut in the collision, and I certainly look forward to seeing his artistic rendering of the event.

Bring it on, tooth fairy!


George said...

Cool! Now you can grow a grown-up tooth that looks like a Chicklett untill your head grows into it.

Blythe's Blog said...

That looks cute, without your tooth.

Love Blythe