Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Safety Patrol

Both Elizabeth and Amanda take turns yelling "safety patrol!" when they find Jack doing something dangerous.

Dangerous can mean just about anything to the girls; the superhero rescue is used whenever, wherever they feel a rescue is warranted. But for the most part they do take it seriously. They are on high alert for chokables, open baby gates, and Jack's obsession with eating "floor snacks" that the girls accidentally drop (without fail) throughout the day.

The girls are really quite amazing with how quickly they come to Jack's aid, and while most of it is waaay too much drama for their mama, they have strong instincts to protect Jack that make my heart melt.

Today's top mission was halting Jack from trying to put his foot into a sequined ruby red dress-up shoe. Funny on so many levels; from "Jack, sequins are chokable" to "Jack! you eating this shoe! Maybe it have nasty dog doodoo germs!" to "Jack you're a boy, you can't play with these shoes."

Last night Elizabeth told us she knew all of the safety patrol rules, and when I asked her to give me the top 5 safety patrol rules she didn't skip a beat. Her list, her exact words:

1. Always wear a life jacket around open water.
2. Always wear a helmet when you're on wheels. Make sure it fits.
3. Don't go outside when there are a lot of strangers. (Huh?)
4. Don't go to someones house if you don't know who they are and who their parents are.
5. Don't go into the woods when there are bears.

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George said...

I would have thought that the Bears Rule would have been ranked higher. Also, the Aligator Rule is clearly missing from the list. What the heck are you teaching those kids?