Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boardwalk Zen

We miss you beach. We'll come soon because the edge of the boardwalk looks much better with all of our flip-flops and crocs scattered about. It must be very quiet with just Gaga there right now.

This is the exact spot on the boardwalk where you step up and the entire beach is visible. Also the exact moment when the sound of the waves explodes, the wind hits your face, and you have absolutely no choice but to chill out.

Also the exact spot where Gaga can be heard saying "ahhhh, where can ya beat it?" and Elizabeth can be heard responding "that's what I'm talkin'!" and sometimes JohnnyTyler can be heard saying "Oh yeahhhh!!!!!!!"

Driving through the Bohicket "tree tunnel" on the way to the beach evokes a similar state of relaxation. Even for fussy kids, the zen-like trance comes on suddenly as soon as we get to those oak trees.

The kids count down the checkpoints when we start to get close. It goes: big Pig; tree tunnel; little closed down Pig; strange new traffic circle; overpriced fancy-shmancy grocery store that is secretly the little Pig incognito; marsh; first gate; gators; second gate; "is that Gaga and Grandpa's house? Nooooooooooooo! Is that Gaga and Grandpa's house? Nooooooooo! THAT'S Gaga and Grandpa's house!"; boardwalk; beach.

We'll see you soon beach. Get ready for crazy Jack.

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