Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is Sully, the newest member of our family! I will write more about him later, but wanted to give him a proper introduction on the interwebs.
We named him Sully. As in watch-me-land-this-plane-on-the-Hudson Sully. Also as in the big blue monster in Monsters, Inc. It seemed a fine name for a dog of his stature, esp. since his new pal is a cat named Moose. Moose and Sully. Now we are complete.


Kyle said...

Now THAT'S a fine looking piece of dog!
You can tell from the photo, he's a thinker.
Can't wait to read more about ol' Sully!

Kyle said...

BTW, I made Sully's pic my wallpaper.
I noticed he's missing a bit of ear on his right.
Did Michael Vick ALMOST get him?

The Nicholsons said...

He is missing a bit of ear! This dog is so mellow that I wouldn't be surprised if Vick DID get him and set him free after deciding he was a lost cause. This dog wouldn't hurt or even offend a cat. Or a 2 year old carrying (dragging) it around. He doesn't even bark. Ever. If you could get a family dog from eharmony, this would be our soulmate.