Friday, August 28, 2009

Greek Sliders

I've never posted a non-cupcake recipe before, probably because I'm no Barefoot Contessa! However, I found a recipe through Tastespotting that, after a little tweaking, has become a weekly favorite in our house. The original recipe is for full size Greek Burgers made with ground pork and can be found here.

I used ground turkey instead of pork, cut the burger recipe in half, and turned the burgers into sliders. We used King's Hawaiian Savory Butter Rolls, topped the slider with thinly sliced red onion, lettuce and of course lots of the tzatziki sauce. Served them with french fries, and Jay even plated his up so we could document our new favorite.

Please try them, you will not be sorry! You will however be unkissable.


Charlotte said...

I'll be making a note of this one. I'm all about the big fat Greek food you know.

foododelmundo said...

Thanks for the plug! They look great AND originally they were made with turkey - I just had a lot of pork on hand and found out that it grills up juicier than turkey - all the fat I'm sure! Don't miss out on our weeks long postings of burgers starting on Monday - there are many more burgers to LOVE!

Rick said...

hmm - maybe evening plans for dinner here changing now... hmm.

George said...

Those look awesome! I love me some gyros, but nobody else here does, so these may be the family friendly compromise.

Props for getting comments from 2 famous food gurus (Charlotte and Foodelmundo). Now it's time to place ads on your blog.

brian b. said...

these look yummy, my mom loves greek food, i want to make some!