Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bus Rider

Today was Elizabeth's second day as a first grader and her first day as a bus rider.

I tried to get a picture of her getting off of the bus, but there was a glitch. She was so excited about being on the bus that she froze and didn't get off.

After the regulars got off, the bus just sat there for almost 3 minutes. I tried waving my arms, Amanda was screaming "Elizabeth!" and Jack was screaming "Vivefff!" The bus driver finally started walking up and down the aisle, searching. It was a packed house and he just kept looking at me like "this one?" From the looks of it he started checking paperwork to figure out which kid was mine. Every single kid on the bus was looking at me except my child! The bus driver finally came up to the front and said "sorry about that, she wasn't sure if this was her stop." When she stepped out, all she could say was "I've never been on a driving bus before, that was awesome."

The sweetest part was when Elizabeth's teacher called to make sure she got home okay. She said Elizabeth looked a little nervous and she just wanted to make sure everything went okay. She also found an older "bus buddy" to keep her eye on Elizabeth. (Like I said, there was a glitch)

I have a feeling this year is gonna be a great one.


Charlotte said...

Don't you just love great teachers? We have been really blessed in that department. It makes everything so much better.

brian b. said...

she is really beautiful!
and looking happy on her way to school! you have a beautiful daughter!