Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stick In Nose

Last night Amanda went to the emergency room. She is fine. The title of this post is what Jay was able to fit within "description of injury" in the computer system at the hospital. They apparently came out to check Amanda's nose, thinking a stick was in fact lodged in her nose. Thank goodness it wasn't.

Long story short, Elizabeth used a plastic pixie stick to unlock our bedroom door. I was in the bedroom, Jay was downstairs. I locked the door for some brief sanity and in hopes that the girls would actually just go to sleep if my door was locked. Elizabeth came in with the pixie stick still in her hand, Amanda followed but passed Elizabeth to walk towards me. When I stood up and told them to get back to their room, Amanda turned and ran. She ran right into Elizabeth, and right into the pixie stick.

I watched it all happen, and saw that the stick went right up Amanda's nose. By the time I scooped her up the blood was coming down - it was a lot of blood. But the bleeding stopped just as quickly as it started, and then we were just trying to determine where the wound was, how far up, etc. She actually seemed perfectly fine after about 5 minutes, but we couldn't tell where the actual injury had been. We decided an ER trip was really the only way to make sure we weren't missing something. Of course, I imagined every "what if" in the book, especially "what if" her brain was punctured.

Jay took Amanda to the ER and everything checked out fine. They didn't see anything other than superficial abrasions, and they informed Jay that there is a pretty hard plate that would prevent "brain stabbing" except in circumstances of extremely hard punctures. Good to know.

Amanda was a trooper. Except for when the actual incident occurred, she was as cool as a cucumber. As for myself, I don't care to ever again witness a nasal stabbing of any kind, especially when it involves my child, lots of blood, and a wound I can't even see. All of the "what ifs" haunted Jay and I all day today. Amanda barely remembered the event!


George said...

Holy Cow! That is horrifying. Glad to hear Mandy is OK. So, have you completely thrown out all the Pixie Sticks and similarly pointy sticks?

Morris Family said...

I wondered if there were instructions or warnings for pixie sticks and thanks to google found this:

With Easter just around the corner, watch out for jelly raisins, the nose is a tempting storage location. Glad Amanda is OK.

The Nicholsons said...

Did I say pixie stick? Not pixie stick, oops. PICK UP STICK! The plastic, pointy pick up sticks from the game of the same name. I have no idea how pixie stick got into my head. She wasn't stabbed with sugar, it was a sharp, plastic stick.

The Welch Family said...

Glad to hear Amanda is okay! I'm afraid this incident is God's way of getting you ready for Jack's adventures. We've already had 3 trips to the ER for stitches. One time, I had to take Tyler in the middle of an ice storm because he put a bolt through his cheek -- straight through.