Friday, March 6, 2009

Pssst...You're Old.

Yesterday we were looking for birthday gifts for two of Elizabeth's friends. They're both classmates (Girl and Boy, not related) and having back to back birthday parties tomorrow. This is kind of how it went:

Mom: So, what should we get Boy?
Liz: Bakugans.
Mom: What?
Liz: Bakugans.
Mom: Back-a-who?
Liz: Bakugans. Boy loves them and all the boys in my class think they're cool.
Mom: What about Smurfs, don't kids like Smurfs?
Liz: What?
Mom: Okay, where are Bakamons?
Liz: Bakugans. Back. Uhhhh. Gans.
Mom: Are they like Pokeman?
Liz: What?

{Reluctantly pick out freaky Bakugan}

Mom: Okay, now what should we get Girl?
Liz: Girl likes Hanna Montana. We should get her something Hanna Montana.
Mom: Pick out another Bakugan.

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