Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Your first visit to our home is near. Any way you could speed things up? I'm not sure that is within your powers, but I need you to try.

The thing is, since Elizabeth has developed wiggle tooth, she has thought of little else. Also, Elizabeth thinks out loud.

It is true that I ignored Elizabeth's "my tooth is wiggly" declaration earlier this week. But is this punishment really necessary? I ask that you consider her (numerous) previous false declarations and the fact that "my tooth is wiggly" came right after "I got to hold animal teeth at zoo camp today." She also pointed to 4 different teeth and refused to let me near her mouth.

At any rate, since her Dad informed me last night that her tooth really was wiggly (again, my bad), Elizabeth has become even more obsessed. It isn't so much the dancing in a conga line while singing "tooth fairy is coming to OUR HOUSE, tooth fairy is coming to OUR HOUSE" that I have a problem with - it's just that 5 people must now center all their attention around this wiggly tooth. Trust me, there is no other option.

This morning began with her wiggle tooth highness yelling "isn't it interesting that I'm only 5 and my tooth is wiggly? I mean, that's crazy! Hello, I'm just a kid!" Throughout the day, we have extensively discussed various tooth removal methods, expected blood loss, under pillow presentation styles, tooth fair market value, fairy currency, cost of living increases, etc.

I think we're ready. Let's get this show on the road.

Elizabeth's Mom

P.S. I trust this matter will receive your utmost attention. I would really hate to have to blow your cover.

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George said...

I've got my pliers, and I'm on my way!

The Tooth Fairy
(sent from my Blackberry)