Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach Week

The initial plan for this past week involved only my Mom and her sister, Betty, enjoying a nice, quiet, relaxing week at the beach. Booooooring. They don't need relaxing, they need grandchildren screaming in their face. So, we made it happen...

Eileen and Betty were joined by two of Betty's kids - Dan, his wife Ginny, and their daughter Malia, and Kristen with her sons Tyler and Johnny. I also joined the crowd, but first I made my Mom take 2/3 of her grandkids down with her and I didn't show up with the remaining 1/3 of her grandkids until 3 days later. Jay also showed up mid-week so by then we had a full house and it was a blast.

Beach, pool, beach, pool, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, then watch Spongebob or Disney channel at a volume level that makes your ears bleed. There is also a water park in Charleston that was so much fun, I highly recommend it. We had kids from age 1 to 11 with us, and it was perfect for everyone. I also recommend Wii (especially guitar hero) as it completely entertained the group of kids (and Jay) post-beach, giving the grown-ups time to relax a bit and get supper together.

Gary came down Friday to help celebrate my Mom's birthday. A day on the beach, followed by dinner outside at the Beach Club. There was a wonderful reggae band, the kids were dancing and swimming, grown-ups were drinking grown-up drinks... The evening ended back at the house with cupcakes, presents, and more grown-up drinks.

It is always sad to see the Bickell/Welch clan leave. But I think Amanda finally understands that "JohnnyTyler" is in fact TWO separate boys, one Johnny, and one Tyler. Before this trip, she referred to both boys as "JohhnyTyler" whether they were together or separate. This time, it took her about half of the week to stop referring to Johnny as "JohnnyTyler" and to Tyler as "the other one." Next time she should have it perfected and address each cousin by his real name!

All we were missing were some Averys and some Dowds...

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