Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Book Bye-Bye

I really thought it would be more difficult to give away my collection of newborn baby books. As I gathered them, neatly stacked them, photographed them, I realized... I was celebrating! Jack then joined me and we took turns knocking the books over and re-stacking them. He had no idea why Mommy was having so much fun. When I opened the front door and asked him if he wanted to help me drop kick them just to see how far they would go he was like "whoah Mom, I think you're getting a little carried away."

Actually, these books were tremendously helpful and I would highly recommend them for any first time parents. They were all read/referenced/studied when Elizabeth was born and we would have been clueless without them. I know I looked back through many of them after Amanda was born. With Jack, I only went back to read about what those mean doctors were going to do to him right after he was born.

After having three babies in five years, it does feel strange to stop saving everything "for the next one." Strange, but not difficult. In fact, after I brought the books to the car, Jack and I did a happy dance.

Tomorrow Jack gets to ride to the beach in a forward facing car seat. I can't wait!

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