Thursday, July 23, 2009


Guess I should have saved those pocket size highlighters.

Last night Amanda fell out of her bed and hit the corner of the nightstand right below her eye. She came into our room crying and stood next to my side of the bed. In my head it was a replay of the night before last, when Amanda had a terrible nightmare. That night, I had asked her about the nightmare, and was so disturbed that I couldn't go back to sleep myself.

So last night, assuming Amanda was crying about another nightmare, I told her to shhhhhhh. I picked her up, plopped her in our bed, and stroked her hair until she fell back asleep. I felt like a jerk when she woke up looking like this. I felt even worse when I tried to explain the incident to the nurse and she said " basically have no idea if she lost consciousness?" But...mean nurse lady, this one time, there was this nightmare, and it was scaaaaaary! Tell her Amanda, tell her about the nightmare where someone kidnaps Jack! Um, hello DSS, yeah, this is mean nurse, this family is all kind of messed up...

The doctor actually thought it was humorous that Amanda seemed to be completely pain-free. She giggled when he pressed on the bruising. She is fine but will have this bruise for a couple of weeks. It will change colors, so we're looking forward to that. Should be fun.

I'm very thankful that the doctor grew up with my husband and that his wife is Amanda's teacher. They get us. It would be hard to explain us to strangers.