Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Finds

We celebrated the Fourth of July at the beach last weekend, and the kids found more than just sea shells...

Elizabeth found an entire pine tree that washed ashore. The trunk was worn down and perfectly smooth, making it an excellent beach balance beam. Thanks ocean!

Jack found this kayak/sailboat/windsurfing thing and really wanted to take it for a test drive. He tried to push it toward the water a couple of times but it didn't budge. I'm proud to say that none of the kids tried to climb aboard, even though the owner was sitting dangerously far away down the beach. The owner left it long enough for Jay and I to study it (we just looked, didn't touch) and to decide that we could totally do that. We were in the middle of rock, paper, scissors (to see who had to stay on shore with the kids) when the owner returned and sailed back out to sea. Darn. Bye OH 9913 DK, we love you!

Amanda found that her favorite part of the beach is when she gets to go back and swim in the pool. She appears to have a low beach tolerance just like her Mom, but maybe it's just a phase. She would complain that she didn't feel good on the beach, but was cured immediately when she hit the pool. Hmmmm. In all fairness, I get it and know it all too well. I just never imagined that my pool buddy would turn out to be Amanda! For now, I will continue to encourage beach over pool in hopes that it's a phase. But if she really is a fellow pool person, we will face this world together...with a beverage and a spritz.

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