Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I had such high hopes for today. It was Skate Party day for E's school, and we were all excited. I had been warming up by singing "Gloria" and "867-5309" every chance I could, and Jay was working on pre-skate stretches to make sure he could still nail a good shoot the duck.

When we got to the skating rink we suddenly realized that we had three kids; two kids who have never been on skates, and one who had to be held the entire time. This picture is the only time any of us actually stepped onto the rink, and it lasted 5 minutes.

After the first 20 falls on the carpet, Amanda somehow ended up doing a full side split (10.0!) and was in serious pain for a bit. Jay and I then decided to stay skate free to avoid the domino effect. After Amanda recovered, she and Jay twirled for a few minutes on the actual rink.

Elizabeth had no interest in going onto the actual rink, and spent her time walking with her skates on back and forth along one side of the rink rim. As you can see by the picture, she came up with an interesting solution for getting by someone coming in the opposite direction.

Then there was Jack. Clearly livid that there were no baby skates coming for him, he screamed, wiggled, cried, and did everything he could to try to get out on that rink. During one moment when I let him at least walk around on the carpet, "Boys Only Skate" time had just ended, and a sea of wobbly boys came flying off the rink in every direction. Jack was knocked down and took an elbow to the face. The poor kid (not Jack, the other one) felt so badly, but Jack just stood up and stared at the kid like he was ready for round two.

By the time we left, it was all just a screaming boo-boo mess, and Elizabeth summed it up perfectly when she said "I thought this would be easier!" Me too, me too!

E and A are already asking when we can go back. I think we'll leave Jack with Gaga next time though, and hopefully I'll finally get to see Jay shoot the duck.

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