Friday, September 5, 2008


This was actually about 45 seconds after a very genuine and sweet moment that took place between two sisters. The little sis was crying because it was Friday and she wanted to go to school with her big sis. So the big sis gave the little sis a big hug, kiss on the head, and told her that she loved her.

Then the big sis said "Mom, get a picture of this" and held the pose for just long enough. Note how the little sis has her entire face covered, because, well, it just isn't about the little sis, is it?

Two of three band-aids are also visible, protecting Elizabeth's school playground wounds. Her re-enactments made it quite clear that without these band-aids, the outcome could easily have been amputation.

And do not laugh during re-enactments. They are very serious.

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