Saturday, July 10, 2010

R.I.P. Kimya

Kimya, one of the adorable gorillas at Riverbanks Zoo, died two weeks ago. This isn't exactly breaking news, but I came across this picture today and realized it sums up the sadness of Kimya's passing pretty well. I don't know which gorillas are in this picture, we took it a few months ago.

Kimya was quite young, and he was simply found dead one Monday morning by his keepers. There were no signs of illness, no clues as to a cause of death. Hopefully the pathology reports will reveal what happened at some point.

Rest in peace Kimya, you were loved big guy.

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bobby said...

The poked out lip is a sign of contentment. The gorillas are very well cared for. Kimya will be missed... he and I had a long history, a bond.