Thursday, July 15, 2010

Backyard Digging

The girls have been fighting over this "diamond" for a while now, both claiming to be the finder keeper. Amanda is certain that she found the diamond while digging in the backyard around a tree; Elizabeth says she found it one time when we were hiking. I finally just took it away and put it up to stop the arguing. My plan was to just toss it once the girls forgot about it.

Yesterday Jay saw it and asked me where it came from, I told him it was just a rock the girls were fighting over. He seemed surprised that I had missed the obvious similarities between this "diamond" and um... an arrowhead? It does seem obvious now. But on any given day many items pass through my hands at the backdoor checkpoint station. Stick - out! Shoe that was missing for 2 months - in! Dead bee - out! Caterpillars, lizards, feathers... the kids and animals try to smuggle all sorts of things in this house. I don't even remember this coming in, but Elizabeth admits that it was Amanda's backyard find.

Pretty cool find, isn't it? It is back in Amanda's hands and among her trinkets, where it is once again playing the role of diamond.

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George said...

Very Cool! I saw that it was an arrowhead immediately too, by the way. You should ask the kids to imagine what kind of animal an indian might have once hunted in your back yard. My bet is a buffalo.