Monday, May 17, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are...

I do know where the wild things are; they're in the middle, of course!

Just a quick hello from Amanda. Cameo/attempted Fun Day sabotage by Elizabeth.

Additionally, I do realize that my last blog post was titled "Lost" and that it sat idle for many months. I wanted to confirm that we aren't actually lost (figuratively or literally). I just stopped posting because I was starting to question whether I might have Munchausen Syndrome. Seriously. Look at me, sick kid, sick kid, yada, yada, yada. I decided to wait until the cold/flu season was way, way over. So...

Tada!!! We're back! And we're having fun! Outside! We even went hiking and swimming and bike riding and gardening and lots of other fun stuff that didn't involve Spongebob at all! More about all of that later. Baby steps.

Until then, happy almost summer!

Oh, and.... just one more little thing.... if you've been around any of us in the past 3-4 weeks you might have Fifth Disease. Because it was all up in this house and the rash only shows up after the contagious part. Sorry about that. Also...currently Jack is on steroids and advair and albuteral and dicel dm and singular and zyrtec just because his genetic make-up is anti-Mother's Day lily. But whatev.

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