Friday, January 15, 2010

The Upside Down Elvis

Jack is on his second round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. He has fluctuated up and down on the sick scale for the past few weeks, but his fever spiked yesterday and today he is not feeling well at all. He just started his second round, so hopefully he will start to feel better today and tomorrow.

Until then, I will take pictures of his misery and post them on a blog like a good mommy!

This is what I call the upside down Elvis:

Today it mostly comes along with "my eyes hurt" and "my nose is wunning" but in general, it means he's moved beyond basic terrible two whining and now means business. I've been trying to capture it for a while but he's been quick to catch on. This was last night when I was able to catch a mini drive-by version:

When I took the first picture, Jack asked if he could see it and let out a big congested laugh. Then he said "dat make-ah me happy." Just doing my job, kid.

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