Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dentists Used To Be Scary

Not anymore. The kids all had great check-ups, no cavities, but more importantly, they were surrounded by wild animals! They saw Elephants, Gorillas, and walked on a glass floor looking down at a Hippo and a baby Hippo in the water. None of it was real, but it sure looked real! The ceiling is a huge dome shape and covered with a gorgeous mural of blue sky with clouds and birds. Flat screen TVs playing Shrek during the exams, and a waiting room with real old school arcade games.
On top of it all, everyone who works there seems to really know kids. They were SO nice and patient. It was an awesome experience. Maybe not the part when 4 pre-dental students were observing Amanda's exam and the dentist asked "now, does your Mommy help you floss every night?" and she looked confused and said "no" and my face turned red and one of the observing students said "ohhhh, busted." That part wasn't awesome. But guess what? I sure do help the kids floss now.
P.S. Jack disregarded that sign that says "Please do not climb" and got pretty far up before I pulled him down.

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