Monday, April 13, 2009

Dharma Initiative

At first I was all like, whoooah, my brother is part of the Dharma initiative and he is trying to take my baby. Then I was like, wait, the Dharma people have already been purged by the others, a.k.a. the hostiles, so that doesn't really make sense. But then I was like, but what if it's still 1977? Then I was like, okay, it still doesn't make sense because the Dharma members don't steal babies, only the hostiles steal babies. Then my brother was like, um, Nikki, I'm a golf caddy and I stopped watching Lost when it got cheesy after season one so I have no idea what you're talking about. Then I was all, oh. And my brother was like, Nikki - you're a dork.

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Charlotte said...

Don't let him fool you...Ethan was a Dharma baby and now he's a hostile/other. I'd watch that guy if I were you......ask him who stands in the shadow of the statue.