Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Adorable cowgirl or evidence of sabotage? I didn't realize until after I took this photo that it was definitely the latter!
This picture was taken today, at Elizabeth's school library, during a birthday book celebration. Elizabeth was one of the guests of honor. About half way through, Amanda found this hat and quietly waited in the corner to be noticed. When one of the big kids directed the group towards the "cute little kid" in the corner, Amanda immediately said "Yee-haw, howdy partner!" Everyone laughed, I took a picture, then I looked over at Elizabeth who was gritting her teeth and smiling from ear to ear. I knew it was too late. Her head tilt told me that we were all going to pay dearly for this moment.
Revenge was short and sweet. Amanda was forced to play Polly Pocket all alone after school. I was brought up to speed about how kindergarten big sisters are punished at school when their little sisters play with foam cowboy hats in the library. We went over popcorn safety and Elizabeth described how she had almost choked and had been without water.
Thankfully, the power of Polly Pocket is strong and Elizabeth folded quickly. Amanda is back to playing the part of obedient little sister and Elizabeth has relaxed her facial muscles.

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George said...

I hope she doesn't get giant lice.