Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amanda's Build-a-Bear Party

Amanda celebrated her fourth birthday with a party at Build-a-Bear. I'm pretty sure she had a blast, but it was hard to tell because she seemed to be in zombie mode. She had a GI virus this past week, and it was clear she was still tired. She was easily distracted and kept wandering from the group when anything shiny and/or pink caught her eye. There were 16 awesome kids at the party, and it meant the world to Amanda that they were all there for her special day.

Here is Amanda telling the very patient Build-a-Bear party leader the name of her dog: Princess. She also named Jack's koala bear for him: Prince.

A special thanks to cousins Blythe (who rocked the hula hoop game) and Grant (who brings an extra bit of cool wherever he goes).

Jack loved the cupcakes. Right next to this truck (which was not one of Amanda's presents) there was a Hair Cuttery. After looking at these pictures, I'm surprised someone didn't just come out and grab Jack for a quick haircut!

Happy Birthday Amanda, we love you!

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