Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to get back to Disneyworld

The kids were up way too late tonight after their post fun day monster naps. So I let them watch Deal or No Deal with me and Howie made a woman eat 5 worms for an extra $10,000. I thought the girls were horrified and was about to pick out some books that would hopefully make bedtime less about icky bugs.

I could hear the girls talking while I was looking for books. I actually heard Elizabeth tell Amanda "I would eat worms to get money to go back to Disneyworld." I walked into the room and Amanda started yelling "Mommy, I gonna eat worms for Disneyworld!" Elizabeth was of course frustrated that Amanda got to me first, so she corrected her sister, "No, I'm gonna eat the worms to get the money for Disneyworld!"

And thus began a sisterly fight over who would be our worm-eating hero that enabled our return to Disneyworld.

I tried to explain T.V. game show vs. reality, and how no one actually gets paid to eat worms. Both girls agreed that they would come up with another plan.

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George said...

Correction. I will pay $1 per worm, up to a maximum of $20 per child (Jack is excluded, because he'll eat anything.) Hey, I'm contributing to the cause, right? Disney, get ready!