Monday, December 7, 2009

The Happiest Tree I Know

Meet Mr. Branch. Why is he so happy? I have no idea. He lives on the edge of my parents' driveway and is always super psyched when we come to visit.

A few years ago this whole tree was set ablaze by a landscape light malfunction and Mr. Branch took the brunt of the damage. He had to be cut off to save the tree. He took it like a champ and has been smiling ever since.


George said...

Get that artistic neice of mine to paint some eyes on Mr Tree. Maybe even a nose, if she's up to it.

George said...

Niece?, neice?, kneese?, gneaze?...I'm not really sure how to spell that word. Sorry, Elizabeth.

Uncul George

Kyle said...

Grate Tre. It seams sew Hapi.

Carol B said...